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At Evolution Tutors, our aim is to provide first class online tuition, to instil confidence in your child’s learning and help them reach their full potential.








Ed Vale – Founder








Ed Vale – Founder








Ed Vale – Founder








Ed Vale – Founder








Ed Vale – Founder

Evolution Tutors specialise in Online Tuition worldwide to students studying GCSE, iGCSE, IB and common entrance exams for independent schools.

Online Tuition

  • Your child can learn in their own comfortable learning environment.
  • Using specialist software, a whiteboard screen can be annotated simultaneously by the tutor and student to create a fully interactive learning experience.
  • All sessions are recorded, which provides the opportunity to quickly search for and review an explanation of a concept.  Reviewing their own learning in this way is far more powerful than seeking out a generic explanation online.
  • The recorded session gives you the confidence that your child is safe online.
  • Flexibility – we all have busy lives that throw up last minute challenges; remote learning enables you to participate from different locations whilst maintaining access to the same tutor.


Lost Learning

The Global pandemic has had a significant impact on student learning, from gaps in subject knowledge, to lack of motivation and confidence, to self-esteem issues.

In my experience, many students have lost confidence in their abilities and now feel overwhelmed by the gaps in their knowledge. This has become a huge barrier in making progress. Fortunately, this is something we can remedy. By offering specialist 1-2-1 support tailored to the specific needs of each child, we can focus on their individual areas of need, guide them through bespoke learning objectives and help them to achieve their own personal success story.

About US

Why Choose Evolution Tutors?

Ed Vale (Managing Director).

It takes a skillful teacher to teach and engage 30 students in a classroom simultaneously, but with the demands of modern school teaching this inevitably means that some students will be lost amongst the others and disadvantaged.  Evolution Tutors offers bespoke 1-2-1 tuition.

As founder of Evolution Tutors, Ed Vale brings a wealth of experience with a proven track record for achieving results.

“I have taught Maths in various schools in Sussex over the past 18 years.  For the last 8 years I have been Head of Maths at two different secondary schools which saw consistent improvements in GCSE results during every year of my leadership.

I teach maths because I enjoy maths.  I often hear adults and children say, “I’m no good at maths” or “I can’t do maths”, but with the right tutor it is a real joy to see those who doubted themselves unlock their potential and grow in confidence which they can then transfer to other subjects and life experiences.”

Ed is now a dedicated Maths Tutor.  He has used his years in the classroom to gain in-depth knowledge and experience of what students struggle with and how this can be remedied.  He has been involved in regular Heads of Maths networks, forging strong connections with Heads of Maths in secondary schools in and around the Brighton areas.

Ed has taken on many roles including Key Stage 3 + 4 Coordinator, Lead Practitioner of Maths, Head of Department and Core Assistant Head.  He has also undertaken outreach work to local Primary schools, focusing on the Gifted and Talented students.

He has worked with a variety of UK and international exam boards  and is well versed in exam technique and what exam boards are looking for.

“The key to success in maths is confidence!  I have a personable approach and an effective style of teaching developed over a number of years.  It is not unusual for a student to struggle with a concept because something has not been explained in a way that they understand.
Experience allows me to explain concepts in multiple ways to ensure accessibility to all. It often it comes down to using alternative language to unlock the concept, experience is key!

Enquire Today!

Contact Ed today to book your session now. We’ll get back to you with more information about the session and the dates and times available.

Independent and International Schools

Many International schools follow the iGCSE and IB curriculum. Ed has experience of teaching both. He is available in the morning (UK time) for sessions in the Far East and in the afternoon (UK time) for sessions in the Middle East.

Support for Pre-Test, 11+ and 13+ common entrance exams is also offered.


Other Subjects

If it’s English or another subject you are looking for, Ed can put you in contact with experienced tutors who offer the same high quality of teaching you would expect from him. Each Tutor has current or recent experience of teaching in UK schools and are fully qualified to degree/PGCE level.


The Tuition journey

Focus on identifying student’s needs and gaps in knowledge. Either from a recent assessment, or by using bespoke diagnostic assessment, we can determine where the gaps are.
Guide them through the learning of each topic. Nearly 20 years of experience enables Ed to explain topics in many different ways to ensure each child gets a personalised approach.
Success through regular retrieval practice and exam question technique, building confidence and mastery along the way.
Working closely with your child’s school, Ed can dovetail sessions to bolster what is being learned in class, as well as pre-teaching topics. So when your child sees the topic in class, they can go in with confidence and access the differentiated challenge work set by the teacher, building confidence and ultimately leading to a higher grade in their exam.



Home Schooling

Evolution tutors provides home schooling throughout the daytime or evening. All approaches are welcome, whether is it 121, small group, online or face to face. Ed can support you as parents in creating a personalized scheme of learning, which will best support your child throughout their learning at home.

“I can’t do maths!” – Supporting Parents

We offer tuition to parents who want to learn the core concepts of maths – or how it is taught ‘these days!’

The fact is – it’s the same maths! Some topics are taught slightly differently, but the concepts are the same.

If you’re a lifelong learner and are keen to re-engage with maths, please get in touch…it’s really fun!

Whether it’s simply to help your child in their GCSE journey or you want to take the GCSE yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for Online Learning?
  • Either a laptop or Tablet. Plus ideally a Drawing tablet with pen, to connect to laptop or PC.  Or a Stylus if you’re using a tablet.  Much easier to write with a pen than a mouse.  This way, your tutor can see your child’s workings in real-time.
  • Internet connection.
  • Have-a-go attitude!
  • Scientific Calculator.
How does Bramble (Online software work)?

Google Chrome is the recommended browser for all but Apple devices. If using Apple, Safari is recommended.

How do I access the recordings of the online sessions?

You will have to create a Bramble account. The recordings are automatically stored in the “Sessions” section. You can fast forward to the section you need, plus search for keywords to find the section you’re looking for.

Book A SessionToday!

Contact Ed today to book your session now. We’ll get back to you with more information about the session and the dates and times available.

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Our Testimonials

Year 11 student - Hove

“We were fortunate enough to have Ed tutor our daughter across 1-2 years, who was working towards positive GCSE results towards securing a place at her chosen highly regarded local college, BHASVIC in Brighton. She secured her place and is now nearing the end of year 1 A Levels.
It was very clear from the first session that Ed had a solid grasp on the GCSE curriculum and was able to relay messages between our daughter and her teachers regards maths, to help ensure he had maximum insight and that collectively, he, my daughter and the teachers could work in synergy to optimise efficiency and ultimately the results. Ed very quickly identified our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and formulated a plan to deliver improvements. Ed put our daughter at ease with his knowledge, professionalism, great sense of humour and more and boosted her confidence in maths, helped her enjoy the subject and made a sizeable contribution towards improving her grades, moving from just above average to a grade 5. He was great at making even the most complex maths areas straight forward and interesting, using lots of real world examples and various contexts to help our daughter understand things her way. Definitely not a one size fits all approach, and this made all the difference for sure. Through Ed’s teacher’s network, he was also able to put us in contact with a superb English tutor, which also made a big difference.
As a result of Ed’s input and my daughter’s hard work, she was able to secure her place at BHASVIC to study her chosen academic A Level subjects and is performing well (As & Bs). We’ll be forever grateful to Ed for his contribution towards our daughter’s educational confidence and achievement to date and will definitely be utilising his services again soon (hoping he will be available) to support our son towards his GCSEs.”

Grade 6+7 International School - Hong Kong

Ed has been great so far with our daughter. She is much more confident now with her maths and as a subject it no longer scares her. She approaches topics with confidence and with a solid grounding to help her work through the issues herself. She is in Year 8 (grade 7), International school.
Ed has also been great for our son in grade 6. Ed’s approach makes it more fun but our son learns at the same time. This is the first time that he has not complained about having to do extra maths and actually enjoys the lessons!
Highly recommend Ed as a tutor!

Year 11 Student - Peacehaven

Ed is a brilliant tutor. My daughter lacks confidence with maths and he has really helped with this. I would recommend him to everyone.

Year 11 Kent

We hired Ed after lockdown and a disastrous mock exam result, and not long to go until GCSEs. My daughter has literally come on in leaps and bounds , her confidence has massively improved and she’s getting good results. Ed is clearly a hugely experienced teacher – his assessment of his student’s skills and his preparation for lessons is fantastic. I consider Ed a very lucky find!

Evolution Tutors

Evolution Tutors is a small company based in Brighton in the UK, providing local and global tuition.